We keep an active presence on Facebook.  LIKE us, come on into the store, and we'll send you home with some free gifts !!!  Keep on eye on us there for our regular specials and announcements.




We used to be a proud supporter of the Badger and Blade internet forum.  We still suggest anyone seeking direction on shave related issues to participate and read this forum.  If you want to read about the bullshit politics involved in these supposed 'open forums,' read my article titled:  The Bullshit Politics Involved in Supposed 'Open Forums.'




So you want to be a wetshaver ?  Shaving 101 provides a wealth of information and tutorials outside of an internet forum setting.  From tips and tricks to reviews and education articles...a great start.




About the best straigt razor tutorial I have yet to find...simple and complete.  These gentlemen present an easy guide to straight razor shaving.




 A (free) online book presented by Michael Ham, Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving.  There's just about everything you need...right here...to get started in the traditional wet shaving world.




 'The Original Shaving Forum,' SRP provides for a wealth of knowlegde from a broad base of enthusiasts and pros alike.  Run by one of the nicest guys around, Lynn S. Abrams...an icon in the industry !!!




Mantic59 presents the Sharpologist.  Look sharp, feel sharp, and be sharp is his motto.  An icon in the wetshaving world...and a heck of a nice guy to boot.




These guys are distant competitors from 'across the pond,' but I just had to include their blog here.  Angliophiles rejoice...this one's for you.




No gentlemen's resource page would be complete without the Gentleman's Gazette.  Take some time here and enjoy the gentleman's perspective.




Like its contemporary above, The Art of Manliness illustrates a bygone passion for gentlemanly ways.  Complete with conduct guides !!!




The Wicked Edge on reddit is becoming one of the better forum resource communities around.  A bit cumersome at first, but you'll get the hang of it soon !!!




Ask Aaron Q&A...Aaron Wolfenbarger is your shaving guru (outside of us, that is) and we even found some 'Ask Mantic' posts in there !!!  A site full of Q&A, categories, and reviews.




Truly honed razors, straight razor advice, articles, videos, and tutorials...and a place to browse from a list of services and products.




The Men's Room has an extensive shaving devotion as well as other general areas of gentlemenly pursuits.  You have to hand it to these folks...there's a lot of stuff here.



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