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(available in-store only, sorry...we do not ship these out)

We source used M&F brushes from clients and friends and pass them on for resale.  These do not come inexpensively to us but we offer this as a service to those looking for an M&F quickly.  Our true motivation is to stock them in our store to allow people who have never had the opporutunity to see one in-person, do so.  Photos are of current offerings and the assortment changes often.  Please note, the Wiborg pictured is not an M&F, it is...well, a Wiborg from Germany.  If you are unfamiliar with this, another unbelievable line of brushes, click here.  Otherwise, the following composite picture shows our current offering as of January 2015, of course subject to prior sale and availability.




Reviewed by Damon Stathatos    July 20, 2014

Without a doubt...bar none...the best shaving brushes I have ever shaved with !!!  They're rare because the guy that makes them is inaccessible, to say the least.  We buy these brushes on the open (used) market only as an accommodation to our customers.  Don't expect a deal here, but if you want one, we have some.  

Our sole motivation in offering these brushes in our store is to allow our normal walk-in customers the ability to FINALLY see them, touch and feel them, and to assess them.  We are not highly motivated to sell them and offer them up more as a musuem or reference value.  That being said, if someone is hell-bent on buying one, we price them accordingly and truthfully I would rather just as soon to see them remain in the store so that more people could experience them first-hand...albeit briefly.  I'd also welcome anyone so inclined to lather one up to actually feel the differences these brushes make and then send them off on their own to find one for themselves.

We offer these brushes on an in-store only basis and so unless you are within 'walking distance' about the most you'll get from our collection here is more of a pictoral or reference value.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Totally Shameless and unNecessary disclaimer:

We buy and trade for used and vintage shave gear. We also buy and resell brand-spanking-new items, the bulk of which fill the shelves of our store. We do not resell the goods in our shop at our cost prices and you can generally expect to pay about twice what we paid for any of the items in our store. We buy items, mark them up, and then we stock our shelves. It’s OK though and not unethical in the least because the people we buy from expect us to do whatever we wish with the items, since they are now our items and no longer theirs. Surprisingly, most hope we sell a lot of their particular items so that we return to them and buy even more at some later point in time. A few of them even demand that we don't sell at prices under a specified value but again, well over what we paid for them.

The difference in what we pay for items and what we sell them for allows me to bet horses and chase wild women…to the extent, that is, with what’s left over after we pay rent, utilities, payroll and benefits, insurance, autos and trucks, warehousing, advertising, licenses, accountants, lawyers, taxes, and graft...and so that's the reason why I've yet to bet a horse and the wild women remain comfortably afar, with only perhaps a wink every once in a while. But please don’t you fear, with your continued help and support...one of these days...both will be mine !!!

If our prices seem too high to you on any particular items, then I encourage you to, and will even assist you to scout out and buy the items from any other vendor of your choice…but please be forewarned that all vendors engage in this activity of working for profit as opposed to working as an accommodation only.

Forwarned…Forearmed !!!



Notes on our reviews:


...we are not attempting to portray every product that we review with glowing praise and self-serving promotion, we are attempting to give you our honest opinions.  As such, if we do begin gushing out praise, then it's a heartfelt and based upon our personal likes and proclivities.  Otherwise expect clinical and objective comments or, in the worse cases, criticisms when necessary.


...the opinions and views expressed in our reviews are provided as yet one more piece of the never-ending shavers puzzle.  You are encouraged to seek out as many discussions and other reviews as possible, rife on the shaving forms, and to explore the manufacturer's own websites for precise specifications and descriptions.  Although we do our absolute best to provide accurate information as well as our own observations, we are most likely sure to make a few mistakes, here and there, and we will most assuredly keep vigilant in keeping those to a minimum.


...you are always welcome to call us for further or more in-depth discussion of any of our products.



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