dopp kits

 We have assembled a collection of Dopp Kits from inexpensive to plush but all highly functional and with your travel necessities in mind.  

An interesting story regarding the name...From Wikipedia...The name derives from early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant to the United States, who invented his toiletry case in 1919. The kits became widely known during the Second World War when they were issued to GIs. Doppelt's company was purchased by Samsonite in the early 1970s.



from left to right...

Alchemy Goods Reused Innertube (think...waterproof and cool), large size

Jacob Jones faux leather (available in assorted colors)

John Cole Leather (check out that bottom compartment !!!)

Cole Haan Leather (that's right, Cole Haan baby !!!)

Alchemy Goods Reused Inntertube, small size


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