antica barbieria colla

From one of the oldest barber shops in Italy, Antica Barbiera Colla brings a whole new dimension to your traditional wet shaving process.  The lather whips up full but the consistency remains thin, the exact properties straight shavers seek. Without a doubt, the slickest soap or cream out there.  






Reviewed by Damon Stathatos    July 20, 2014

Get set for one of the few 'glowers' here folks...this stuff is some of the best shave cream (or soap) that I have ever used (see XPEC for another).  Formulated by the oldest barbershop in Europe (located in Milan), and developed by trial-and-error for over a century, this is some of the slickest stuff I have ever had the pleasure of sloppin' across my face.  The lather is not, nor is it intended to be, thick gloppy Santa Clause beard stuff.  Although it provides plenty of cushion, it also allows the naked blade in your DE razor to lay right-down-onto and almost scrape down deep into your beard...but because of it's slick (the slickest I've ever found) quality, do so safely.  The bottom line here is that I can give myself a straight-razor-close shave...with my DE !!!  The scent is described as bitter almond, but I find it more sweet than bitter, and can be likened to a Cella on steriods...strong steroids.  Long-story-short...it's expensive but well worth it...and I can not recommend it highly enough.


Testimonial                   September 14, 2014

David H. via email:

I received the order with the ABC soap and aftershave yesterday. I just enjoyed my first shave with the ABC and it was life changing. The comfort and ease of the shave was something I had never experienced until now. Not a huge lather but it softened my beard so the blade went through like butter, nice cushion and very slick. I can't believe how comfortable this shave was and my first with zero irritation. I'm in love! 


Testimonial                   September 20, 2014

 Michael E. via email:

I found the Antica Barbieria Colla (ABC) to be surprisingly exceptional  I have been shaving with an Artis Club straight Feather razor for about seven years now, and I think this exceptionally sharp razor has meet its counterpart with the ABC shaving cream.  I typically use Castle Forbes and Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort - both good creams - but not ABC.  I found your review to be spot on with my shaving experience.  There was a great medium body lather and a unique (enjoyable) almond scent. The big deal was how good it felt on my skin and then the very unexpected slickness as the razor made its first stroke.  My Feather straight has never glided quite like that.  This encouraged me to make three passes - something I just don't do with that razor.  The result was the closest and most comfortable shave I have ever enjoyed to date.  You have a new customer... 



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