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 above the tie

 Fine all Stainless Steel Razors.  

The Atlas sports a shorter handle than the Kronos (which was formally called the Titan).  

Both are available in the traditional closed bar as well as the newer open comb versions (OC).  

Three base plates to choose from in any configuration, the M (mild), R (regular) or H (harsh).  

One razor consists of three pieces, handle, base plate, and top cap.  Five piece sets include all base plate options.  

Seven piece sets include both the Atlas and Titan handles and two top caps, enabling two complete razors with one base plate to spare.


Above the Tie Atlas all-stainless steel safety razor   Above the Tie Atlas all-stainless steel safety razor five piece set

Above the Tie Atlas open comb all-stainless steel safety razor   Above the Tie Atlas open comb all-stainless steel safety razor five piece set

Above the Tie all-stainless steel safety razor seven piece set



att-Kronos  att-Kronos-5pc

att-Kronos-OC  att-Kronos-5pc-OC



Reviewed by Damon Stathatos    July 20, 2014

I personally own three razors, each one of them an all-stainless steel version.  An iKon DLC open comb (which replaced my regular, stainless open comb version of the same razor), a Tradere, and an Above The Tie open comb with the H2 base plate.  Before the advent of the recent addition of DLC to the iKons, the ATT had been by far my preferred daily shaver.  A bit heavier than it's iKon counterpart and a lot more reasonable, agressiveness-wise over the Tradere (may as well shave with a straight), the ATT provided me with the most consistent baby-butt-smooth shave of the lot.  I believe it has something to do with the weight of the head as it is a bit heavier than most.  Also, the fact that the blade is allowed to extend beyond the ends of the baseplate and top cap allows for a pinpoint accuracy in tight places, such as just under the nose and nostrils.  Choosing this razor with the proper (for you) base plate, should provide you with your last razor...not much to improve upon here...only lateral moves into perhaps an iKon (DLC).


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