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Shave of the Day


Sometimes, a cream or a soap may pair up exceptionally well with certain other products.  Or some razor / blade combos are particularly well suited for each other.  Check out our Shave of the Day page to see some of these unbelievable match-ups.


Our Products

1.15.14-webAbove the Tie    Al's (the bomb)   Antica Barbiera Colla     Arko     Barbicide     Barrister & Mann  Bluebeards  Captain's Choice   Castle Forbes   Cella     Cyril R. Salter     D.R. Harris     Dovo     Feather     Floris     George F. Trumper   HTGAM    iKon     Irisch Moos    Krampert's Reserve     Lucky Tiger     Martin de Candre     Marvis     Merkur     Morris and Forndran (used)     Muhle     Mystic Waters     Ogallala     Old Town Shaving     Omega     Osma     Palmolive     Panacrema     Penhaligon's     Pomades  Proraso     Queen Charlette     Razorock     Rooney    St. James of London     Saint John's Bay Rum     Simpson's          Simpson's Luxury Shave Creams     Speick     Tabac     Taylor of Old Bond Street     Thiers Issard     Vulfix    Xpec


Going Somewhere ???...

...then you need a DOPP KIT !!!

dopp kits

From Wikipedia...The name derives from early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant to the United States, who invented his toiletry case in 1919. The kits became widely known during the Second World War when they were issued to GIs. Doppelt's company was purchased by Samsonite in the early 1970s.

VOSKHOD - They're Here !!!


It shouldn't seem like such a big deal...but you wouldn't believe how many people have been hounding us...yes HOUNDING (like animals)...for Voskhod.  All known domestic suppliers were out, so we sent to the Motherland and alas...we are complete.

Dovo Travel Kit

 Pricey...but NICE...

Don't let the maid staff at the Ritz think you're a piker...while traveling, impress even the most blase and more importantly...treat yourself to the luxury only Dovo / Merkur affords.  Kit includes a soft leather case with a magnitized snap, Merkur 23C razor, beard and moustache scissors and brush and comb combination, and a pack of blades...you're set man...you're set !!!  Click on the photo above for an enlarged version.

dove travel kit

Make Shaving Not Suck...

An interesting read penned by Mike Sandoval of Shaving 101 and published in the Cigar Advisor magazine.  I've been around the block more than a few times but there are things here that even I didn't know...or forgot.  If you're just now looking into traditional-wet-shaving and want an affirmation...you'll want to read this article.


Shaving Tippecanoe


A Clean Blade Means More (and better) Shaving

I typically get at least one week of daily shaving out of my blade (Personna Blue, in case you were wondering).  The key to better shaves as well as blade longetivity is to keep your blade free of debris and water scales caused by hard water deposits.  I keep an old jar (in this case...an empty Proraso jar) filled with rubbing alcohol and after shaving, loosen the top cap slighlty, rinse down into the blade, and then dip the head into the rubbing alcohol.  The alcohol displaces the water and shorly thereafter 'flashes-off,' leaving a clean and sparkling blade...ready for the next day's use.  Give this a try...you'll improve your shaves while saving your blades !!!

Watch Me Being Made...I'm a Merkur Vision

merkur vision adjustable twist to open safety razor set of four, brush, stand, glass bowl

This thing is like German engineering run amok...if you want to see how one is made, click on the link and watch a YouTube video of the process. Then go grab some popcorn ... that way you'll miss the obligatory ads (those things that keep the internet alive and thriving).  There are a bunch of little parts in one of these things ... crazy man ... crazy !!!

Rooney Brushes - A Cut Above !!!

rooney brushes victorian
rooney brushes beehive 1

Perfecting the Art...

They've been making their brushes since sometime in the late 1700's...give or take a few years.  Now that's a long time for this still family run business to have worked out their kinks...wouldn't you say ?  Visit our store and feel them in your own hands before you buy...now that's the beauty of a good ol' brick-and-mortar store...no blind internet buys here I tell you !!!

Martin de Candre (France)
As far as we know, we are the only supplier of Martin de Candre outside of their Paris retail location or their factory store.  We carry all three of their scents, Regular (lavender), Fougere (fern), and Unscented in 200g jars.  Our price is $69.95 plus $6 USPS Priority envelope shipping to anywhere in the U.S.  We also stock their unique 'Brain Bowl,' their much in demand Chamomile Pre and Post Shave Gel as well as an assortment of their bath and body soap bars.  Newly added to our products available to purchase online.  Click on the photo below


 for our webpage and review.  Click on the link below to be taken directly to the ordering options.

available to purchase online.


Sample Sizes Now Available !!!

Now you get to choose from our complete line of soaps and creams (well...almost our complete line) and try a little sampler instead of plunking down the whole wad on a mere whim. Our containers are supposed to be 1/4 ounce, but they hold more than that...and we don't fill them completely, but you get at least 1/4 ounce, and probably more like 1/3 ounce. Click on the moving graphic or red links to go directly to the ordering page.

Old Fashioned Mail Order Services

We take pride in our Brick-and-Mortar store and welcome our clientele to take advantage of seeing, testing, smelling, and even trying out our products before they decide on their purchases.  

If you're not able to visit our store, we are happy to offer mail order services.  Give us a call, discuss your wetshaving wish-list, and we'll be packing your order as we speak on the phone. 

We now have select product online but still welcome the chance to speak with you personally and welcome a call.

Give us a try...you'll be glad that you did !!!

Customer feedback

This is the place where men are made

...a place where men who wish to shed their decades-old shackles of cartridge servitude come to declare their facial freedom

Ryan Steven Green 

Stocked with hundreds of visual and aromatic delights for those who shave the old school way...

There are certain parts of our culture, certain aspects of our human experience which can't exist online.

Tshaka Armstrong

(Fatherhood:  Rites of Passage - Why brick and mortar beats the interwebz)


Amazing Place...this is what a brick and mortar store is all about...

Great quality selection and a friendly and knowledgeable person behind the counter that knows the products and takes the time to explain everything in detail.
You can't get this level of service on the internet!  Great quality selec  Great quality selec

Octavio A (yelp)

This shop is an absolute gem...

The selection is incredible and the staff are the nicest, most informative folks you could ever hope to encounter..

Victor G (yelp)

Kicking Around the idea of a Straight ?


About the best and most concise tutorial on Straights I've ever read.

You can spend weeks on the forums reading conflicting and nebulous information on straight razor shaving...and still come away scratching your head and wanting more.  I've read a lot of them, and this is about the best and most concise tutorial on straights I've ever read.  Leave it to Straight Razor Magazine...Traditional Shaving for Discerning Gentlemen...to 'tell it like it is.'  And when you're ready...we hope you remember that we stock the most complete selection of straights available (ahem..ahem).

A Medley of Shave Bowls !!!

Long-time-Shaver (that'd be me) tested and approved...our assortment of classic shave bowls is hard to beat.  From heavy, thick aluminum to hand crafted horn and fine ceramic...these are the best I've found to whip up fantastic lathers...regardless of the fact that I am an avowed face-latherer (because I haven't forgotten my years as a bowl-man, that's why)


This Effectively Doubles Our Customer Base !!!


Women Now Turning to Shaving

This effectively doubles our customer base...and we really need to get a safety razor into her hands instead of that insidious cartridge.  It all has to do with the Dermaplaning 'we all' do everyday...


Antica Barbieria Colla...it just does not get much better than this.  The Queen of shave soaps or creams.  Caution !!!...once you've tried it...there's no going back.  Pair her up with some Xpec (her King) and all others will be mere memories.

Care to venture a guess...

Finally...back to analogue

A nose hair trimmer perhaps ???  I didn't know such a thing existed before either...but they do...and you know what...they work !!!  No batteries for this baby either.  Rotate the bottom half of the shaft and it set the rotary action at the top part in action...sort of like a lawn mower or shreader...it gets the job done men...so I shall say no more.

Razor Cases


My Razor Travels in Style !!!

Whether you're a safety or straight-man...it's time you put your razor up...in stlye.  No more socks for this guy's most trusted friend...we're talking nice leather cases for the all of them !!!  Click on the photo for a larger image.

iKon All-Stainless Razors
In my opinion, iKon (small 'i', capital 'K') and perhaps Above the Tie razors are the best of the all-stainless brands.  For the most-part, all hand-made in the good ol' US of A, designed and crafted by a couple of expert makers.  With the addtition of a DLC coating (what...the...heck...is DLC ???...it's a 'diamond-like-coating originally produced for the wristwatch industry for its nearly friction-less qualities), the iKons again take the top spots, in the humblest of my opinions.  I'm not so sure that the added glide has any meaningful effect on the actual shave...but it makes your soap or cream feel ten-times slicker.  They are available in a wide range of head and handle configurations as well.


ikon all-stainless steel razor

Click on the photo above for our webpage and review or click on the link below to be taken directly to the ordering options.  Better yet...give me a call and I'll give you my further impressions...first-hand !!!

available to purchase online.

b.bulldog     b.god-shave-the-queen

b.good-old-fashion-shaving             b.ahead-of-the-curve



!!!!!!!! . . . .XPEC . . . . !!!!!!!!!

The New Formulation is here and after a few shaves with it now I can say that...the short and skinny...'The King is Back' !!! This is a water based with no paraben formula. Read my complete (initial) review on the page by clicking on the photo below. Come and get it...this is the one you've all been waiting for.  Available on our Products Available for Purchase Online !!! 


My Shave Den...What I use...

I am (read: nearly always) asked...what products I use in my own 'shave den.'  I've been through the 'bathroom-packed-with-product' stage (it lasted a looong time) but recently have realized that there were only a very few certain products that I would typically reach for...or want to reach for.  After a while of looking at a bunch of product just sit there in the bathroom, one day I packed up probably 90% of it and set up a 'used / abused / and cheap' table in the store and sold most of it off.  There was a bunch of really good-stuff in that assortment...Santa Maria Novella, Acqua di Parma, Martin de Candre, some Penhaligons, and P160, to name a few of the heretofore 'immortals' as well as a host of the more pedistrian brands...Taylor, Trumper, Trufitt, (the three T's...you have to love that), Harris, Cella, Proraso, scads of artisans, and on and on.  The interesting part to most people however...is what remained...in the newly transformed prevous hoarder's bathroom.  Well...here they are folks...ranked in order of preferred usage:

Razor - iKon DLC open comb

Razor - Above the Tie H2 (open comb harsh)

Blade - Personna Blue Lab

Brush - M&F ivory XL 1 (gel tip)

 Preshave - Proraso green  

Soap / Cream - Xpec (king)

Soap / Cream - Antica Barbieria Colla (queen)

Soap / Cream - Mondial

Alum block - Osma

Aftershave - TOBS Eton College

Aftershave - Harris Windsor 

Weekend Shave Demos

Join us for our weekend shave demos, Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 1pm.  We will show you proper Double Edge (safty razor) shaving technique and get you on your way to closer shaves.

shave demo e


The perfumers to the Royals...did you know that Sir Winston Churchill wore Blenheim Bouquet...or that Sartorial is Prince William's scent (it's how he 'got' Kate).  Bluebell was Lady Diana's and is now worn by Madonna and Kate Moss.  Pick out your very own from or selection of their COMPLETE assortment...now how many other shave-sites can say that !!!


Others may list Dovo, but few have stock...Our close association with the factory keeps our inventory levels high...so now's your chance at the straight you've been searching for.

The Shoppes at Stats !!!

See a video interview the RealEstete TechGirls of Sotheby's Interneational Realty recently conducted at The Shoppes at Stats.

Bob's Razor Works

His razors were works of art.  He's unfortunately no longer with us, but his razors live on...and this one is my favorites because of the use of the cocobolo wood...I'm a wood-freak in addition to my shave-freak...affectionately termed, of course. This beauty shaves as it looks...like a dream.

The Birth of a Brush - Brushes Being Born !!!


Finally got away into the wood shop the other day and took along an M&F and a Simpsons Chubby for 'inspiration.'  These two cocobolo brush handles are from some stock which had a moderate amount of sapwood...the white wood on the outside of the tree trunk which is effectively the only living part of the tree. The photos here show the two brushes from three different profile angles.  Click for a larger image.

An Impromptu Meet-Up

Shaving personalities David Gonzales, Douglas Smythe, Frances Towle, Peter Charkalls, Zac Hould, Christian Levesque and Robert staged a mini-meet-up at the shop recently. Personally...it would have been fine with me if it were only Frances...period...however it wasn't and so David was kind enough to post a YouTube vid of some of the festivities.  Check it out...Good Times Had By All !!!


Check out our resource guide full of valuable and knowledgable references to help you along or to keep you on your traditional wet shaving journey.

Visit Our Store and take a step back in time...

We are open 10am to 6pm

Monday through Sunday,

closed Monday and Tuesday

Located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, on the corner of Raymond Avenue and Green Street.  Plenty of free parking (a rarity in our 'neck-of-the-woods) and just an easy stroll 'up' into Old Town.

.....Located in THE SHOPPES AT STATS.....

120 South Raymond Ave
Pasadena, Ca. 91105
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The Old Town Shaving Company
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J. Verne & Co. Vaporium and Exploratorium

Call Us…Just like in the Old Days !!!!!

Give us a call...we'll talk about shaving and you can tell us what you are looking for...your 'wish list.'

We'll be packing your order as we speak and it will be on its way as we hang up the phone.  

Doing it 'the old fashioned way'...it just doesn't get any better than this.

Give us a try...you'll be glad that you did !!!

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